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Garlic confit sounds super fancy but it's really just garlic cloves that have steeped in hot oil until the cloves are golden brown and soft, and the oil is infused with that gorgeous garlicky flavor we all know and love. Add herbs, citrus peel, chili peppers, etc for a flavor packed treat you'll be using in most if not all of your savory dishes.

The softened garlic cloves take on a sweeter flavor and can be added to sauces, mashes, compound butters, or simply spread on some toast for a delicious treat.

The infused oil has less of a garlicky taste and more of an aroma. It can be used for sauteing, adding to dips/spreads/dressings, or simply drizzled over your final dish for that gorgeous aromatic finish.

However you choose to use your confit, I suggest making it in bulk because you'll find more uses for it than you think!

Garlic confit also makes a deliciously unique gift. I gifted some this past holiday season and was asked for the recipe every time. So here it is!

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: small sauce pot (or larger depending on your batch size), stove, wooden spoon, glass jars for storing, ribbons for gifting (optional)


- several heads of garlic, cloves removed and peeled. I suggest starting with 4-6 heads

- enough oil to cover + 1 inch above cloves (olive oil is most used, avocado oil is also delicious. You can use any oil of your choosing)

- optional additions: thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, dried chilis, lemon/orange peel, peppercorns, etc!

- salt to taste (optional)


1. Carefully remove peels from each individual garlic cloves. DO NOT mash them. I don't recommend buying peeled garlic cloves from the supermarket as it always smells funky. Take your time and peel some cloves, it's therapeutic.

2. Dump them (plus any add ins) into your sauce pot and pour in enough oil to cover the cloves PLUS one inch above them

3. Place pot on LOWEST heat setting, and let it simmer gently (uncovered) until cloves are golden brown and softened, and your kitchen smells like a garlic bread factory. Stir occasionally to make sure heat is distributed evenly.

4. Remove from heat and let chill COMPLETELY before storing. Finish with a little salt if you'd like, and enjoy!!


*STORE IN AIR-TIGHT CONTAINER IN THE FRIDGE for ~1-2 weeks, or freeze for longer (ice cube trays make portioning easy!) I store/gift mine in clean glass jars.

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