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About Chef Mel

Originally an art school drop-out, I transferred to culinary school with no prior experience, but a love for eating and enjoyable environments with happy people. Several years later, I feel as comfortable as ever on this path and really thrive while connecting with great people over delicious food.

Being a personal chef has allowed me to serve a diverse group of clients, all with different dietary needs. I enjoy creating menus based around a client's preferences, allergies, etc. My experience teaching cooking and baking lessons has shown me how we all have different tastes and understanding when it comes to food preparation. Combining my industry experience with my passion for education and wellness, I write all of my recipes around the concept that you don't really need a recipe. I believe all you need is an understanding of technique and of your tastes. A little confidence in the kitchen goes a long way. You'll be creating insta-worthy, restaurant-quality dishes out of your home kitchen in no time,

I graduated magna cum laude from Johnson & Wales University with an AS in Culinary Arts, and a BS in Food Service Management. I also am a Certified Health Coach via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I believe that food is medicine and plays a huge part in our overall wellness. 


Feel free to get in touch - whether you want to schedule a lesson or just chat about food, I'm here for you!

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