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This is a personalized service based entirely around your schedule and needs. Whether you are following a specific diet, want to eat healthier, or just want delicious, home cooked meals, I make each menu completely customized to your needs and wants, as well as any dietary restrictions and allergies. You are given at least a week to approve my sample menu(s) for the following week, I encourage changes and requests! I also do all of the food shopping and cleanup. You can always expect your kitchen to be left cleaner than how I found it!

Every menu item is made to be stored and reheated, ideally in glass containers that are oven/dishwasher/freezer safe. My goal is to make foods that not only you and your family will enjoy, but meals that can be reheated well without affecting the integrity of the dish. All meals are labeled with specific heating instructions.

If you are a busy parent, a hard-working professional, or simply just don't have the time to cook, this service is for you!

Specialty diets:








Allergy Friendly



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Service Dates are typically reoccurring once a week on the same day at or around the same time, unless otherwise discussed.

Each meal includes appropriate side dishes and accouterments, portioned for one to four people. Additional portions or sides are minimum $20 extra.

*NEW* Add CBD to your menu! Extra $15 per dose


2 Meals = $200 PLUS cost of groceries

3 Meals = $250 PLUS cost of groceries

4 Meals = $300 PLUS cost of groceries

5 Meals = $350 PLUS cost of groceries

Please note: base portions do not affect the service cost, but will directly affect your grocery cost. If containers or any extra equipment needs to be purchased, it will be added to the invoice.


  • Personalized menu planning in accordance with your needs and preferences, a paper menu will always be provided for your reference as well as a sample menu for the following week

  • Full grocery shopping and any extra equipment needed, all receipts are provided with bill with no up charge

  • Preparation of the approved weekly menu in your home kitchen utilizing an assortment of culinary techniques

  • Meals are packaged family style with dates and detailed heating instructions

  • Meals are stored either fridge or freezer, depending on your preference

  • Cleaning and sanitation of kitchen during and after service


Pyrex containers are ideal because they are long lasting, air-tight, and oven/dishwasher safe. All meals will be prepared and stored family-style with appropriate heating instructions, unless otherwise discussed. These containers should be clean and available for Chef at the start of each service date. If needed, containers can be purchased at an extra cost to the grocery bill at any time.

Contact me for a FREE in-home consultation!